The Story of Me and ThetaHealing Method

I will introduce you to the ThetaHealing® method, which I have been using for 10 years now to bring about changes in my life and the lives of others. It has been one more catalyst that has nudged my life on new paths and shown me where the old ways of thinking and acting are, with which we can no longer go forward. ThetaHealing is a secret love of mine!

I became familiar with the ThetaHealing method in 2014, when a good companion invited me to Spain to learn a new healing method in the bosom of the sea and mountains. And if you go on a journey with a specific goal, when you get back home you will find that something has changed a lot. By now, I have realized that Spain is bringing out my talents more and more. So it happened on this unexpected trip that talents began to open up, and many new skills and knowledge returned home with me. The story of me and ThetaHealing began in Spain.

When laziness is no longer possible

Since that time I went to Spain, I realized that the world is a vast, exciting and beautiful place, and I can no longer fit back into the old, narrow, dark box to simply vegetate. In the same year, I closed the door behind me in a workplace that was in no way supportive of my well-being, development or health. I went through a reset, recovered from over-tension, over-fatigue, stress, burn-out, depression and many other health problems and started working as a yoga teacher, also learning several massage and therapy methods. This blog was born and travelogues began to appear. I flew off the squirrel wheel and admitted to myself what really interests me in life and what I really know how to do and what I want to do.

Being located on different continents is not an obstacle to getting in touch

Apart from Spain, I also have a ThetaHealing teacher in Ireland and have also attended sessions online. It is very exciting to perceive the place of residence, thought patterns and dreams of a person in Canada, for example, and to give them momentum. For example, when I’m sitting on my couch at home, Canada’s nature seems lush and beautiful. And then the person says that they really have both sun and rain and everything grows very fast. After all, distance healing has been sent since ancient times, as well as talking with extraterrestrial beings today, but still this kind of contact from across the ocean makes me excited.

By changing your beliefs, you can experience many new and amazing things

One day I remembered that there was a time when I barely spoke at all and was in hostile environments (these two facts are related). But now I converse in English with people on different continents who are incredibly kind. I thought, wait, wait! Me, chatting, observing, friendliness and English! Many old beliefs have moved away from me, including through Theta Healing.

Now is the time when old understandings are falling apart with great speed and sometimes with great noise. I am not saying that all the two-legged creatures are doing a dance of joy, that I have abandoned their commands. But let them be, everyone has to choose their own future direction according to the heart’s compass. I have never thought it right that the pressure of malicious two-legged creatures on peaceful and self-willed people should continue.

Those who cannot love us teach us how to love ourselves.

If there is even one supporting shoulder, then things are already very good

Thanks to the higher-than-average concentration of beings with a more negative attitude than average, I explore all those possibilities in my life that help to create harmony within myself and the environment, value myself and follow my own path. I had only one supporter at the beginning of this track, the same good companion. And of course my dearest family member. What else can he do with such a unconventional mother but hope that she will always work out.

Because of all this, I know that it is much easier to change direction if there is at least one person to whom you can ask: are we doing well? And from whom do you get the answer that: of course, how could it be otherwise! Maybe I can be that one person for someone.

On the other hand, many Estonians not only did not support, but also tried to destroy my goals in every way. It’s much easier to find support when you’re walking around in the wide world.

My own method of energy therapy developed  through ThetaHealing

My own meditative practice was developed based on the methods I learned such as yoga, meditation, kinesiology, ThetaHealing. And it was helped by the development of my own intuition, self-balancing on hikes and trips, and a load of life experiences. It is important to understand that healing is possible by relaxing, calming down and simply being.

Words, sentences, sounds have the power to change our reality. Words can work like acupuncture – saying the right words creates an insight that releases tension. Caring words play a very important role in maintaining good health. That’s how I use words in this blog, in my book, and in sessions to create harmony.

For words to carry power, they must be true and benevolent, because accusations and sarcasm do not open the doors of the soul.

Today I painted you such a picture of the relationship between me and ThetaHealing. How I got there and how this relationship has changed my life. Many thanks to the photographer, who helped me get a picture too!

You can find more information about the ThetaHealing method and how it can affect you here: